MV Weekly: Gao Jiafeng, Zhaoze

Gao Jiafeng 高嘉丰 – AI NI AI DAO 爱你爱到

Shanghai-based musician Gao Jiafeng, known for his chameleon ‘’deconstructed pop’ continues subverting musical tropes with his latest dizzying single ‘AI NI AI DAO’. A deep dive into the hyper pop world that Jiafeng frequents, it’s a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride through core, pop punk, screamo and electronica that seems to switch gears with reckless abandon – all set to Jiafeng’s trademark sugar-coated bleeding-heart lyricism. Its accompanying music video – a story of ‘pathological love, infatuation and destruction’ as its protagonist journeys between different dimensions is equally hyperkinetic, silly, and endearing.

Zhaoze 沼泽 – 夏虫语冰

Guangzhou heavyweight Zhaoze, whose signature sound of guqin-laced post-rock is transcendent, returned with their latest release a couple of months back – entitled ‘Summer Insects Talk About Ice’ – it’s the band shortest album by far – a single five minute plus track broken down into ten songs at 32 seconds each. A super miniature album if you will – and a concept that looks to capture the fleeting nature of its multi-legged subjects. For the release, Zhaoze once again teamed up with renowned sand painter Chen Yiqian and painter Deng Yukang for the collection of short MVs giving each of the ten tracks visual life.

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