MV Weekly: Frankfurt Helmet, Hardcore Raver in Tears

Frankfurt Helmet 法兰克福头盔- Satellite

Cool-hued IDM architects Frankfurt Helmet, consisting of former AV Okubo drummer Hu Juan and CodNew guitarist Da Fei, have broken onto the scene this year with their visual and socially stimulating music – creating glitch-layered, ambient-filled atmospheric electronic music that builds its world piece by piece. Their first single and music video for ’Satellite’, directed by MAO, is a masterclass in set and costume design, as well as cinematography, minimal, yet slick, telling a visually compelling, symbolic story of our gravity, water, and our present day world. 

Hardcore Raver in Tears 白纸扇 – Chelsea Girl 切尔西女孩

Wuhan’s new wave disco-punk outfit Hardcore Raver in Tears (led by Lu Yan of AV Okubo fame) finds both tenderness and surrealism in their latest single ‘Chelsea Girl’ – which tells the convoluted sci-fi epic romance taking place on the ruins of a futuristic city. Luckily the music video has turned the yarn into a figurine play complete with astronauts, space rockets, and moonrock landscapes. Pretty amazing how much emotion they’re able to wing out of these lifeless porcelains.

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