MV Weekly: Dummy Toys, Star 69


Dummy Toys – Wake Up Bitches

DMC lives on! Kinda, the Tangzhou, Beijing punk rock haven made the move to the coastal city of Qinghao and has slowly imposed itself on the defacto punk establishment of the city. One of the bands that have made a name for themselves in the city for years is the riot grrrl punk group Dummy Toys whose single ‘Wake Up Bitches’ comes to life within the walls of the nice DMC bar. It’s all kinds of awesome.


Star 69星号69 – Parallel Wind平行世界的风

Indie dream pop outfit Star 69, the Beijing based band that seemingly popped out of nowhere, have asserted themselves as a band that means business with the quick release of their debut album Wind Parallel which was accompanied by the self-titled single’s music video. Basic but firmly effective in introducing the bands slick indie pop sensibilities.

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