MV Weekly: Default, Wu Tiao Ren


Default 缺省 – Brooklyn Night 

Beijing shoegaze outfit Default, fresh off the release of their stellar debut, find the beauty in the micro with their black and white shot music video for ‘Brooklyn Night’.  Directors Danie Duan and Harry Wang create a heterogeneous space of light and shadow with physical effects such as lighting fixtures, smoky metal plates and glass mirrors which align perfectly with the band’s ‘icy grain’ aesthetics and temperament. 


Wu Tiao Ren 五条人 – 匈奴王 

An animated delight, the new music video from Guangzhou urban poets Wu Tiao Ren, gives the band’s rugged magical realism the perfect outlet with an expertly crafted animated video for ‘Huns’, which links the nomad ancestors of yesteryear with a heck ton of metaphors and imagery that I won’t even bother trying to decipher. Gotta respect the old school animation techniques utilized here. 

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