MV Weekly: Deep Water, Whle

Deep Water 水太深 – Wild Thoughts 

There’s really not too much going on in Depp Water’s music video at the end of the day. But through the band’s hypnotically stoic performances to the crisp checker-boxed editing, it pairs quite nicely for the lo-fi Chengdu dream-pop duo. The song ‘Wild Thoughts’ is the up and coming band’s second single, presenting an internal game of cat and mouse of dueling thoughts between two lovers. Signed with Ruby Eyes Records the band will drop their debut album in the forthcoming weeks.

Whle 陈家麟 – TO YOU/LOST

Speaking of up and coming acts, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding alternative R&B artist and producer Whle aka Chen Jialin, whose contemporary ambient-laced indietronica sound (and the locks to match) has found its way into not one, but two music videos, showcasing the artists knack for cinematic pop music and the crew behind the camera to match the artist’s aesthetic. One follows a black-and-white love story of hired killers and angels (a nod to Wong Kat Wi for sure) while the other centers around black-clad interpretative dancers.

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