MVs: Dear Eloise, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Geek Shoot Jack

A surreal New England existential crisis, a balloon’s quest for a companion, and a highlight reel from one of the country’s finest video production companies, it’s our latest look at what catching our eye at LBM including new music videos from Dear Eloise, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, and Geek Shoot Jack.


Dear Eloise’s blissful shoegaze fuzzout ‘Something Beautiful to Share’ gets a beautifully intimate and abstract music video courtesy of Galaxie 500’s Naomi Yang, a musician and director who came into contact with Yang Haisong during a recent tour of China. The director had free reign essentially over the video and using Cambridge, Massachusetts (and the annual Harvard Yale game which my parents still attend every year) as a background for a song about ‘isolation’. It’s conceptually, simple, and elegant and the perfect fit for the Beijing’s duo noisy track. Hat tip to NPR for this one.

Speaking of shoegazers – one of my favorites songs of 2015 gets the music video treatment. The all too short-lived (and hilariously named) outfit Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, out of Shanghai has risen from the graves for a MV of their song ‘Waking Up’ and it’s the perfect complement to the band’s disintegration and in this case – a hopeful reunion – even if its just in balloon form. It’s like a Pixar short come to life. Adorable.

Geek Shoot Jack – the video production company that’s been thriving since its incarnation in 2012 – gets around to doing their year-end video roundup and it indeed is a thing of beauty. Seems the company has been spreading its wings more and more, working with bigger clientele, shooting documentary, and simply killing it left and right. And proof is in the pudding here. Just try not to get emotional watching their highlight reel.

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