MV Weekly: DaBozz (feat. ChaCha), Tia Ray

DaBozz大包子- WU (feat. ChaCha)

Nanjing rapper DaBozz, whose dream daze hip-hop EP Welcome to the Salt System made her an artist to keep an eye on, is back with a music video for ethereal, atmospheric track WU. With help from her fellow hip-hop companion ChaCha, the track is a sensual and stylish trip across DaBozz’s subdued, haunting, and almost hypnotic track.  

Tia Ray袁娅维 - Don’t Speak别废话

It’s not often I throw up a pop track onto here, but there’s something so brazenly fresh about soulful R&B pop singer Tia Ray, whose just released LP TIARA is a sugar-coated pop gem in a landmine of trash. The singer’s pizazz is front and center on the slick single ‘Don’t Speak’ and its accompanying music video – which looks like something from MTV circa 2004, in the best possible way. Catchy as all hell.

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