MV Weekly: Da Bang, Guzz, Dawangggang


Tripped out temple excursions, a dystopian-set self-help anthem, and an early look at a folk rock trope bringing their culturally rich sound overseas – it’s the latest collection of music videos to soak in including new vids from indie electro rock outfit Da Bang, electronic maverick Guzz, and avant grade folk rock trope Dawangggang.

Swirling visuals and beautiful broken beat sounds from the Do Hits! crew latest electronica buzz – Guzz’s ‘Temple Encounter’ – off the just released (and kickass) An Elephant in the Jungle. ‘Filmed at an ancient temple garden which was abounded 230 years ago by unknown reasons. It\’s then been overgrown by trees and vegetation. Ghosts and spirits of former monks and other people that lived at the temple are now dwelling here. These esoteric creatures have the abilities to change bodies once a tree has reached its highest spiritual form. They are then praising it forever. The video depicts this evolution.’ Whoa!

Indie dance rockers Da Bang bang out their latest single (their first this year) entitled ‘Noboby Will Live Your Life Except Yourself’ and they’ve brought along a MV with it. A retro three dimensional rendering madhouse of assimilation, opposition, and one’s desire to break free from the mainstream, the song’s lyrics and video are pretty direct in their themes (it immediately made me recall David Fincher’s infamous Apple commercial back in the 80s). Nevertheless, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the paradoxical semi computer generated world created by the team. Catch the band on their nationwide tour next month.

The ever-expanding musical and performance ensemble, called Dawanggang, fronted by self-taught musician Song Yuzhe, a nomad in the truest sense, is vast in their musical scope. International, folk, experimental rock, even modern symphony with components of Tibetan, Mongolian, and classical Chinese music – whatever name you want to throw at them, what remains is that they’re one of the most singular world music outfits out there. The trope is getting an early start on preparing an epic world tour in 2017 and 2018 which will fall under the tag ‘Rituals Of Freedom’, with this nicely put together tour promo, featuring concert footage, glowing reviews from around the globe, and footage from the road that’s more abstract. And ya know what – it works. Really sells the band’s vibe, shows them in action, and gives a sense of the acclaim and scale that they’re operating on.

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