MV Weekly: Cocoonics, Lonely Leary

Cocoonics – Why The End Of The World Has Not Yet Come

Shanghai-based electronic producer Cocoonics, and member of the label Eating Music, comes out firing on all cylinders on her latest track ‘Why The End Of The World Has Not Yet Come’ off her forthcoming EP. With her trusty SP404 companion, the dynamic artist conjures up a sound that’s both tight and chaotic in its rhythmic pull, fiercely blending in elements of hip-hop. Afrobeats, house, UK Bass and garage amongst her vocals (for the first time). And with the help of visual artist Peng Haomin, takes that simmering cesspool of rage, anxiety, doubt and fragility, and gives it a life of its own.以下视频来源于製冷劑

Lonely Leary 孤独的利里 – 北方來信 HE’S APPROACHING

Hot off the release of their beautifully realized sophomore LP, Beijing post punk outfit Lonely Leary visualizes their sound of urban decay and alienation and heads deep into the jagged heart of Beijing for their latest MV. Vividly shot and filled with striking images that shock and humor, and directed by Qiu Chi and Xin Xia, it takes Qiu Chi’s poetic pose and has some fun.

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