MV Weekly: Chui Wan, Little Wizard

Time to play a little catch up with music videos – something I haven’t covered in some time – with a look at the latest MVs from Shaoxing math rock slammers Little Wizard as well Beijing psych groovers Chui Wan.

Chui Wan – The Landscape the Tropics Never Had 热带从未有过的风景

While nostalgia plays a important role in the newest music video fro Beijing psych divers Chui Wan, it’s important to note that the video brings it all back to the present as the band continues to forge their own path and scene within Beijing – most noticeable its use of frequent musician dive bar SOS, well known for its mischievous and welcoming clientele (Dee!) and owners. But good lord, is there a lot of awesome nods to past events in the bands and more importantly Maybe Mars history – if you’ve been in Beijing long enough you’re bound to find yourself in some of these shots.

Little Wizard小巫师 -下悬

Shaoxing math rock instrumentals Little Wizard, impressed many with their late spring release Little Wizard II and it’s easy to see why – it’s a ‘ramped up freight train of thundering drums, rip roaring guitars, and jaded bass lines that keeps the dial turned up’. On that’s on display in their music video for ‘XiaXuan’.

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