MV Weekly: Chui Wan, Guzz

Chui Wan – Gentle binding Love 缱绻温柔Silence Bought the Whole Lake 寂静买下了整座湖

Psychedelic groovers Chui Wan have always been a band content to follow their own wavelength, pushing their esoteric and sometimes downright surreal sound to new territory, all the while carving out their own little world. Their third forthcoming LP seems to hint at a band that’s completely redefining themselves, streamlining their sound and presenting a delicate, softer, and sensual version of themselves that has my ears more excited than ever. As usual, the band has gone all out with their music videos. First up, is ‘Gentle Binding Love’ – the piano-led and candidly sung single that gets a subversively offbeat MV from independent film director Ju An Qi, known for his films ‘Poet on a Business Trip’ and ‘There’s a Strong Wind in Beijing’.

The second MV for ‘Silence Bought the Whole Lake’ takes a more art-house approach to their third single, which was composed by bassist (and vocalist) Wu Qiong whose utilizes the poetry of 404 (don’t ask) to create a somber curious mesmerizing track. Using images of flowing lights and shadows, dance, silhouettes, grass, water, fire, clouds and fish, directors Pan Yue and Qi Mingyuan provide the perfect backdrop to the song.


Guzz – Walking in a Boundless Dream 走不出的梦境

A love letter to the city of Yangon for Chinese electronic musician Guzz by Canadian director and cinematographer Matt Moroz. Shot on 16mm film over a month in Myanmar, “Walking In A Boundless Dream” follows two dancers as they navigate the traditional and modern elements of both their city and Guzz’s electronic track. Beautiful piece of work – one that’s awash in colors and emotions (and plenty of magic hour shots) and perfectly matches the producer’s ‘high-hued, mist-covered flowing pastiche of traditional Asian sounds spliced with contemporary electronica’. Sensual in the fullest sense. 

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