MV Weekly: Chinese Football, Endless White, Howie Lee x Shinamo Moki


Visual vaporwave from mind of one of the electronic scene\’s rising stars, the latest single from the Wuhan emo rock juggernauts, and a peek at one of next year\’s early hopefuls  – it\’s time to plug in and zone out to this week\’s collection of music videos including the latest from Howie Lee and Shinamo Mokim, Chinese Football, and Endless White.

Well that was strangely and disturbingly arousing. Howie Lee enters once again into his synthetic parallel universe for his remix for Shinamo Moki’s ‘Artificial Beach’ which features Taiwanese singer Meuko! Meuko! on vocals. The just released EP from Shinamo Moki (an electronic musical group made up of producer and composer Auryn Tate Waring & artist Felix Treadwell and currently based in South London and Shanghai) contained a staller remix from Do Hits! wrangler Howie Lee and it’s the stuff of nightmares. Though to be perfectly honest, between the uncanny valley eyes, the faux branding around every corner, and the tentacles, there’s something alluring about the whole aesthetic here. Which sadly probably says more about me than the song.

Emo-infused indie rock band Chinese Football, out of Wuhan, have been having a killer year. Besides being the number one album to pop up on Bandcamp when searching for music in China (which the website noticed as well), the band was been solidifying their fanbase at home with a string of festival bookings and one off shows. And with the release of their latest music video and single \’Electric Girl\’ off their forthcoming EP, Here Comes A New Challenger!, there\’s really no telling how high these kids can rise in 2017.

Digging the simple yet effective measures bands are taking to get their music heard, particularly in the realm of video promotion. Why not bring a camera into your studio space and film one of your songs? Give a sense of what the band looks like and more importantly, sounds like in action. That’s what Xi’an shoegazers Endless White have done with this black and white studio track ‘The Illusion of Light 光明的幻象’ off their recently released debut. Again, simple, informative, effective – if only more bands had the fortitude to promote themselves thus.

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