MV Weekly: Chenchenchen, Birdstriking

Quarter life crises in the young in Beijing, surreal mise-en-scene out of Hangzhou – here’s some fresh music videos from Birdstriking and Chenchenchen.

Chenchenchen 陈陈陈 – Feather Shock鸟惊心

Chenchenchen, the Hangzhou based artist and China Academy of Art graduate has had his hands in pretty much everything – from co-founding indie music and art label Lost Manual to fronting the electronically-enhanced post rock outfit Spice, as well as a long list of works in just about every medium – video, theatre, painting, installation, and of course music. His latest, Feather Shock, sees the artist musing poetry over a slow-burning psych folk track that’s all kinds of great. The surrealism of the lyrics are only enhanced by director Zhang Chi’s keen sense of mise-en-scene – a collection of expertly staged scenes that linger long after.

Birdstriking 鸟撞 – 25

While Beijing noise rockers Birdstriking’s latest album was a more melodically driven release, the band still brought their hotwire aggression to their lead single ‘25’ which pits the band members coming to gripes with being responsible adults whilst trying to get in their licks while they can. Filmed with pizzazz by the Geek Shoot Jack production team, it’s a dizzying feverish music video that perfectly captures the band’s vigorous and cathartic sound. Plus, terrifying Donald Trump masks.

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