MV Weekly: Chacha, The White Tulips, Wu Tiao Ren

A breezy shoegaze trip to the Golden Gate Island between Taiwan and China, a Shanghai rapper returns to her roots in Guizhou, and a kaleidoscope of life in the city of Guangzhou by one of the country’s most vital folk outfits – it’s our weekly batch of music videos to digest with fresh eye candy from The White Tulips, ChaCha, and Wu Tiao Ren.


Xiamen (formerly romanized as Amoy) shoegaze breakouts The White Tulips continue their rise to fame with their latest single ‘Tardy’. Released on QiiiSnacks Records – it’s the first single from the after they ‘changed some members and have explored new musical styles’. Shot in blurry bleached out véritéstyle footage of a trip to Kinmen (the tiny Taiwan-held island known as the Golden Gate Island) – it’sv the perfect complement to the slow beach bum groove of the track. Very much excited to see where the band goes from here. The White Tulips kick off their first Japanese tour at the end of April


ChaCha, the Guizhou-born singer, MC, DJ and producer now based in Shanghai, has been on something of a hot streak. From being one of Red Bull Music Academy’s first recipients, to collaborating with the likes of French indie rock star M, to even having her song featured in NBA2K 16, the artist has been garnering quite a bit of respect from everywhere around the globe. Which makes her recent stint back in her hometown of Guizhou during the Chinese New Year all the most tender. Joined by friends DJ Aivilox, Rasrankin, as well as a slew of other guests, it’s touching seeing her reconnect with her hometown and fans with such modesty. Dope indeed. Chacha kicks off ‘a girl power max mini reggae tour with amazing girlfriends~ Machaco from Japan, Chakka C from Hongkong, Cvalda from Chengdu and me+DJ Aivilox’ in 24th Beijing/ 25th Kunming /26th Chengdu

Wu Tiao Ren, the Guangzhou-based outfit, whose low-key folky poetic charm has captivated audiences for over a decade, released their latest, equally low key and charming, music video for ‘Shipai Bridge’ off their latest album Dream Lisa Salon, which recently snatched up the 2016 Douban Folk Album of the Year. The song, based upon the changing times surrounding the 2008 Asian Games in Guangzhou, when a motorcycle ban was put into place, is a collage of characters and conflicting motives, simplistic in its approach, yet rich in detail. And cute as all hell. Wu Tiao Ren kick off their national tour this weekend in Zhongshan.

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