MV Weekly: Casino Demon, Yue Xuan, Inxu


Beijing blues, three dimensional landscapes amidst piano chords, and film rock for all you movie geeks out there, it’s the latest batch of music videos to cleanse your soul and save you from weekdays. Here’s some fresh eye candy from Casino Demon, Yue Xuan, and Inxu.

There’s someone surreal about seeing a buddy of yours have a song based on him from one of Modern Sky’s biggest catches, the catchy as all hell indie rock quartet Casino Demon, out of Beijing. And on top of that, stretch (as much as possible) his acting chops front and center in the single’s MV. ‘Daniel’ is the first single for the anticipated Casino Demon LP, Purple Haze from the Orient, and if the song is any indication, we’re in for some vintage Casino Demon hits. The video smartly underplays our titular character’s plight with a VCR video quality and ‘tongue in cheek’ tone that works so brilliantly and is even subtlety tender. Bound to plaster a smile on your face.

Post rock with a metal mindset, Inxu, the Beijing based band who rose from the ashes of Illness Sickness, continues in their exploration of what one can only describe as ‘film rock’ and have taken some of the most extravagant movie scenes of the past five years and mashed them together over their song ‘The Path’. And wouldn’t you know – it’s pretty dang epic. Money shots galore, it’s clear the band knows its wheelhouse and doesn’t back down one iota. Bring it on I say. Catch Inxu this Saturday, April 2nd at DDC for Spring Re:lapse Festival

Classically trained piano composer Yue Xuan, whose modern take on the instrument led to her 2015 hit In & Out, is hitting this road this spring and has a trailer to prove it and tease audiences. Steely 3D obstructions fill the landscape and gives the artist’s sound flight. Most of those tour dates have passed (sadly) but don’t freight as the artist has a remix project underway, two volumes in already, which has seen the likes of iimmune, Gavintoo, and MHP take their turns interpreting Xuan’s music – find those here.

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