MV Weekly: Backspace, ChaCha x Akin


Backspace – Screen 屏幕

Following on the idea of one’s splintered self, fallen prey to the digital age’s erosive ways, and taking a cue from Chekov’s ‘The Man in the Case’, Backstage’s tense, heightened and frantically paced (and utterly delightful) ‘Screen’ gets the MV treatment. Using mannequins, full body Lycra outfits, and a variety of lo-fi digital tricks, the band finds flavorsome ways to take a stab at the screens that people willingly live in, refusing to ever emerge from their shells.


ChaCha x Akin 阿克江 – Summer Love Aria 夏日恋恋咏叹

Shanghai-based artists ChaCha and Akin, bring some R&B summer grooves to their newest single ‘Summer Love Aria’ – a bubbly jazz-infused, feline heavy music video which features oh so many cat as well as some sultry production courtesy of Chengdu based producer Harikiri. Which is really fine with me – especially ones as goofily majestic as the ones on display here.

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