MV Weekly: Alpine Decline, The Big Wave



Alpine Decline – Blameless

Despite the core duo of Alpine Decline, the euphoric indie fuzz rock outfit that has racked up accolade after accolade for their releases with Maybe Mars, husband and wife Jonathan and Pauline, breaking free of the shackles of China at the end of 2016 and finding greener pastures in their home state of California – they haven’t slowed down one bit on the music front, with their much anticipated next release dropping later this week. To tease fans, they’ve released a music video for their first single, ‘Blameless’, directed by former Shanghai multimedia artist Tina Blakeney. And yeah, it’s pretty damn peachy. And definitely hints at a softer and tenderer Alpine Decline. Very much excited for Return to Desolation Lake and the forthcoming tour



The Big Wave大波浪 – His Way他的方式

Beijing-based new wave synth pop outfit, The Big Wave, with a fetish for New Order-esque soundscapes and cryptic (stilted and loving it) lyrics are back in fighting mode with a forthcoming EP coming out later this month. They released their single and subsequent music video for ‘His Way’ – which is all kinds of good. Lo-fi, gritty, psychedelic lighting, and an unconsciously swaying body, it’s captures the band’s new slow burning sound quite well whilst leaving me wanting more. Have no idea what the band has up their sleeve for their new wave of songs, but color me intrigued.

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