MV Weekly: Alex Wang, Dirty Fingers

Alex Wang – A Brave New World 

Brooklyn/Beijing based producer Alex Wang returns with his latest technology-minded piece of electronica – ‘A Brave New World’ – a futuristic nightmarish interpretation of Huxley’s classic dystopian novel, that combines elements of industrial music, noise, ambient music, sci-fi and modular synthesizers. Off of the producers new album 0%, released on Los Angeles Zoom Lens label, the chilling music video was created by 3D artist ChillChill – an deep dive into the effects of modernization and urbanization set in a fragmented dystopian China where collapsed buildings, biochemical beings, and of course, tentacles face off against omnipresent slogans, signs, and even Mobike graveyards. Your eyes will never be the same. 

Dirty Fingers 脏手指 – Let Me Buy You A Pack of Cigarettes 让我给你买包烟

Pieced together over the past year from our biggest surveillance collector – our mobile phones – there’s something beautifully honest and unassuming about Dirty Finger’s new music video for their ramshackle new single ‘Let Me Buy You A Pack of Cigarettes’. Poor video resolution, vertical WeChat screens, candid selfies, and drunken evenings all accompany the songs’s simple and subtlety heartwarming laid back attitude – a lifestyle that has embodied the underground punk band since their humble beginnings and in turn, has made them one of the country’s most endearing. See if you can spot a cameo from yours truly (hint: look for the beanie).  

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