MV Weekly: 330 Metal Fest, The Fuzz, Wu Tong


The return of China’s most epic metal fest, the upcoming tour of new Maybe Mars post punk heroes, and a meditative piano-led journey – it’s the latest slate of music and tour videos to entice, subdue, and entertain. Here’s the latest from 330 Metal Fest, The Fuzz, and Wu Tong.

Prolific and acclaimed composer, Wu Tong, one of his generation’s most visible proponents of traditional Chinese music, as well as a founding vocalist of the pioneering rock band Lunhui, a performer with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, and a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, gives viewers a scenic astronomyly pleasing MV for ‘Clouds’ as stardust dances and forms various shapes and figures above the clouds before disintegrating into the air – all set to Wu Tong’s delicate, flute-led composition. Beautiful stuff.

After being shut down by the police last year based on ‘safety concerns’, Beijing’s (and China’s in that regard) most celebrated metal festival, the 330 Metal Fest, is ready to give it another go this year, returning in Tango (FMLive) on March 26th to for its 15 year anniversary this year. The one day festival will feature 13 of China’s biggest metal bands including Suffocated, Die From Sorrow, Ego Fall, and Dressed to Kill. Check out all the details here and bask in what the promo has to offer. METAL!!!!

Maybe Mars reigned in the new year with their latest catch – impassioned post punk outfit, The Fuzz, out of Xi’an, who joined the label last year, and their sophomore release, The Root of Innocence, definitely worth checking out. To celebrate the release, the band has cooked up a 38-city tour of China which kicks off this weekend in Chengdu. They’ve put together a nice lil promo videos to entice fans – Beijingers can catch them on April 16th at Modernsky Lab.

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