MV Weekly: 16 mins, Mr. Miss, Xiao He


Stop motion cuteness overload, Beijing streets and the fans who walk them, and a folk favorite returning with a preview of his much anticipated upcoming release – it’s time for our weekly dosage of music videos including fresh cuts from Mr. Miss, 16 mins, and Xiao He.

Beijing alternative rock trio 16 mins, whose mix of soul, prog, and indie has won over countless fans over the years has just released the MV for their sublime track ‘XXRR’, one of the band’s jammier sounds. The video doubles as a short film of sorts as one straggler runs amuck Beijing in search of that 16 mins sound, even going as far as jacking up local music store Rockland. Don’t really sure what to take away from it all, but dig the visuals and its always good to see Beijing getting some love.

Beijing indie pop duo Mr. Miss, who are as adorable as they sound, have released a nifty equally adorable MV for their first single of 2016, ‘明天的烦恼交给明天’. Ukuleles, stop motion, superman costumes – there’s no way you’re not gonna like this. While the whole bed stop motion thing has been done before, it’s all done with such cleverness and high spirits. Well executed.

I’ve always wondered if renowned folk artist Xiao He practiced his sets in front of a mirror – there’s something so precise about his performances. Every gesture, offbeat pause, and twinkle in his eye that feels at once spontaneous and planned. Whatever the case, its brilliant. And now we have this video for ‘Awaken The Song’ which I like to think proves my theory. Just nine minutes of Xiao He killing it in the comfort of his home. Supposedly apart of his upcoming album which cites Buddhist texts as some of its influences. No biggie. For someone who doesn’t perform live that often, this is gonna be a treat for all you fans out there.

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