MV Weekly 新歌视频: SHAO, LST

SHAO – Drifting

Seminal producer and sound designer SHAO has been making a name for himself since starting his career in 2002, ‘exploring the multitudes of abstract and minimalist sound while fusing psychedelic with void-like ambience’. While his previous release was with techno mainstay Tresor Records in Berlin, his latest Midnight Mountain 夜宿山, just dropped with Modern Sky. It takes the producer sound even deeper, finding new spaces within its rhythmic framework, allowing an atmosphere of texture and ambience to blanket the entire endeavour. This is much evident in the music video for ‘Drifting’ which features grainy black and white images dissipating before our eyes and sleek facades superimposed over one another.

LST – 盘中银山

The stimulating imagery continues with the latest from electronic producer and artist LST, the solo live electronica project of Li Nan (of Da Bang fame) who is a virtuoso behind the drums (in this case electric drums). Finding solace in the ‘multiple layers, playful rhythms, deep bass lines, and even deeper bass textures’ that electronic music offers both artists and listeners the track touches upon everything from IDM and acid to techno – a simmering atmospheric journey whose music video visuals are chock full of psychedelic aesthetics, colorful bombast, flickering lights, and skewed angles. Perfect to project on your wall.

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