MV Weekly: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Tengger Cavalry, Twinkle Star


“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Or just your typical winter in Beijing. Yes it’s plenty nippy outside but here’s your weekly fix of music videos to glaze over the day with. So cozy up next to a fire, and immerse yourself with the latest vids courtesy of Shanghai shoegaze rockers Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Inner Mongolian shepherd pagan rock outfit Tengger Cavalry, and Twinkle Star.

It’s been some time now, but Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are back! Not the doomed fairy tale Hollywood couple, but the Shanghai shoegaze outfit kicked started by ex-Shanghaier Xiao Zhong and frontwomen Sharon Cee-Q. Much like the couple, the band’s fiery meeting of minds didn’t last long, but lucky enough, lasted just long enough to put together their swan song – a new album just released on Genjing Records. To help promote the release, regular Shanghai MV mastermind, Alessio Avezzano, who gives visual life to the hypnotic, eruptive, and soulful ‘Bird is Flying’. Full of tight, disorientating, and ultra slick closeups, the video puts the band front and center and their don’t disappoint.

Remember Tengger Cavalry? Of course you do! The pagan metal outfit were at the forefront of the second wave of Mongolian metal bands to hit the scene several years back, and one that I predicted would go on to bigger and better things. However, Tengger Cavalry went on hiatus due to the band’s frontman, Nature Ganganbaigal, heading to the New York City to get his master’s in music. Since there, Nature has been steadily putting the band back together in the USA with a planned Carnegie Hall show scheduled for December which is pretty friggin awesome if you ask me. Nature and company has been putting together quite the media blitz in preparation, including a successful kickstarter and a slew of videos introducing Western audiences to the band. CNN’s new Vice-like series ‘Great Big Story’ also did a piece on the band. Hot damn!

Beijing emo rock outfit Twinkle Star’s star continues to rise as the band, which formed in 2007, gains a wider and wider audience. Besides putting out a stellar EP earlier this summer (expect the full album to drop sometime before year’s end) the band was invited to play in Japan as apart of the Summer Sonic Festival. A righteous offer indeed and one that only a few bands can attest to. Set to the band’s single ‘With You’ – the music video is a fisheyed tour of the band’s trip which looks about as much fun as you’d expect. Which is awesome. Swag, sex shops, and record stores galore — pretty jealous over here.

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