MV Tuesday: Tree Music Festival, Cut Frenzy, MC Hotdog


Plenty of goods coming outta the Big Red as summer rolls through – Harbin punk rock rampages, movie soundtracks singles highlighting one of the scene’s biggest hip hop stars, and a preview of this weekend’s upcoming beach-located festival. Here\’s the latest from MC Hotdog, Cut Frenzy, and Tree Music. Dig in.

This summer’s been pretty lacking for us northerners on the festival front. Simple fact of the matter is that the boys up top don’t want to deal with that nonsense this year as they win over Olympic committees and prepare for obscene military-sponsored holidays. Which is why music label Tree Music’s’ upcoming festival – Tree Music Festival – being held at Beidaihe this upcoming weekend sounds so damn appealing. Besides showcasing some of the China’s largest folk rock acts, including XTX, Wild Children, Mao Tiao, Sound Fragment, and more, it’s probably the best we’re gonna get this year festival-wise. So check out their douban page and see if beach, music, and fun sounds like a solid weekend to you. If so – snag your tickets already!

One of the most recent Drunk Fest’s surprises came in the form of Harbin four piece punk outfit Cut Frenzy. Just good old fashion, pedal to the metal, abrasive punk rock that socks it to you. Well, the band has gone ahead of put together a music video for their single ‘China Whites’ and it’s adorable introduction to the band and their Harbin lifestyle. And some dude rocking a fan and guqin likes it’s nobody’s business. And of course, bodily fluids. A whirlwind of thrash that’s never lets up.

Whether or not the critics find anything remarkable in China’s superhero comedy Jian Bing Man – there’s no denying the movie is pulling in big bucks here in China. The lowbrow ‘Adam Sandler’-esque comedy got the whole blockbuster treatment last month including of course, it’s signature theme song remixed (and rapped) by none other than Taiwanese MC Hotdog, whose just been lucky enough to have a whopping seven songs on the China blacklist (props). Gangster rap tropes galore but gotta love the animation. Never thought I’d hear a club banger with so much ‘Jian Bian’.

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