MV Tuesday: Chui Wan, Pan, High School Rock Union, Weirdo Room


Hopefully not too many of you went into a panic this past weekend when all was quiet on the LBM front. Took a short vacation to clear my head (and fill it with some Mad Max mania) and couldn’t be bothered to look at my computer. But I’m back and ready to give it my all and what better way then to start the week with a headful of music videos to bop to including stuff from Chui Wan, Pan, Weirdo Room, and the High School Rock and Roll Union – a real thing I’m told.

No matter which way you look at it, it’s been wonderful seeing Chui Wan break out here and aboard this year. The band has certainly earned their keep over the past few years in my book, and if their most recent tour to the US is any indication, it seems like they won over quite a few more folks as well, including none other than NPR (National Public Radio). The band’s music video for ‘Sound of Wilderness’ debuted a couple weeks back – shot in frosty Hardin over the past winter (shot by Zhang Jinglei), the videos captures the bands core members discarding their daily rudimentary drone lives and finding ‘enlightenment’ in the blinding white wilderness. Beautifully shot, it’s one of those videos that perfectly marries song and video content, even if it’s all a bit too on the nose. But then, there’s a certain beauty in the simplicity and duality of images presented. Check the band at their sophomore release show this Saturday, June 6th at Yugong Yishan.

As I mentioned last week, I’m really digging everything I’ve heard so far from The Gar’s Pan upcoming solo (and already available EP) release. It tickles me just right, and finds the artist utilizing his lyrical and vocal talents in new and ever intriguing ways. The first single, ‘Sandhya’, off the EP A Great Blues, got the music video treatment not too long ago and it’s gives the singer some hefty backup in the form of Wang Zi (of Casino Demo) on guitar. Religious overtones, self-redemption, and nature’s will all come into play in the video, but really it’s all about the dreamy singer-songwriter who is proving to be quite the catch. Now let’s get that damn full LP already!

Late last summer I had the privilege of writing a piece on the high school music scene. It was quite the eye-opener and was quite amazed at how well organized and proactive some of these young musicians were. While some of those students have moved on to better and brighter things – namely college, a few of the young lads I interviewed last year appear in the music video for ‘We Sing For You’ – a piece written and recorded in conjunction with a charity event organized by the Rock And Roll Union For High School Students that was held last month at Yugong Yishan. Kids these days – one upping us every chance they get.

What more could you ask for in a music video for a song called ‘Waterfalls ll’. The post rock anthem from Xi’an outfit Weirdo Room is just that – a montage of epically beautiful waterfalls from across the world. Obviously not shot by the band or anyone associated with the band, it’s still pretty righteous to watch staggering images of the natural world over post rock cascading. Very appropriate. Remember to check out the bands’ debut EP We Follow The Sea, which I suppose is something that waterfalls might do if you think hard enough about it.

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