MV Tuesday: Bedstars, Li Daiguo, Black Rabbit


Vids vids and more vids —– it’s been a rough week and I’ll looking forward to doing jack all this weekend for once. Might as well pretend all is well till then and go about business as usual – which means it’s time to partake in the visual pleasures of a short film staring the always charming Bedstars, a stunning piece from Li Daiguo, and a teaser of the possible resurgence of Split Works’ Black Rabbit Festival.

From south-west China\’s Yunnan, Music mogul Li Daiguo explores the many applications of the pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument – just one of the numerous toys from the artist’s acoustic and electronic collection. For this stunningly shot music video for ‘Beyond the Mountains, Cloud and Stone’, director Thom Ward was given only the vaguest suggestions such as ‘is nature a minimalist?’ and ‘all purpose remedy for indescribable emotional discomfort’. The result – a breathtaking exploration of ideas, metaphors, and acutely composed images which linger. The work of a pro if I ever saw one. Catch Li Daoguo somewhere around the world as it doesn’t look like he’s settling down any time soon.

Remember that short film that Bedstars shot a couple years back. \’Dinosaur Rider\’ shot by Singaporean filmmaker Tingerine Liu, the fictionalized story of the Bedstars, one of Beijing’s more reckless unhinged punk acts is finally available for the public’s viewing pleasure. Pretty cool to see a bunch of dudes playing dialed back (or heightened depending on your view) versions of themselves, as well as seeing a particular scene you were apart of through different lens. And while the short isn’t particularly deep, there’s a ramshack quality to the way it’s all put together that fits perfectly inline with the Bedstars.

Continuing on the nostalgia train – remember the Black Rabbit Festival? Split Work’s foray into an outside festival. I had a pretty baller time. Well this little teaser popped on 2012 festival’s facebook page and while it doesn’t contain a lick of dialogue or information for that matter — I think it’s safe to say that the Black Rabbit Festival is back in one form or another. My guess – fall season in Shanghai and fingers crossed, Beijing. Whatever the case, glad to see Split Works having another go at the festival circuit – truly believe they have the will power to give audiences something unique.

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