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Still feeling those weekend bruises – well how about some music videos to occupy your lazy Monday and indulge in – it sure as hell beats playing Solitaire (this that still a thing?). Whatever the case, here’s the latest batch of moving pictures from 16 mins., Low Bow, Noise Arcade, and Heaven.

That’s the latest music video from alternative rock group 16 mins. who have been hard at work redefining their sound after shifting into duo-mode. And though their ‘Falling Bridge’ was available earlier on the group’s EP, they just released a new cut of the song, which improves on quite a few issues I had with earlier – good looks. The simple, lush, and frankly beautiful black and white video was shot DIY-style by Live Circus, aka Alessio Avezzano, down in Shanghai – you might remember him as the man who put together that Pairs MV a couple months back. Definitely gonna have to keep an eye on this dudin.

Though till now I’ve never heard of Paradise (天堂) it seems they have quite the history – the hard rock group has been around for over 20 years now – which pretty much gives them legendary status as far as yaogun goes. And if this new song and occupying music video is any indication they ain’t going nowhere. The song entitled ‘Forever Young’ is a somber, yet playful take on the whole aging rock star theme, following the bandmates grey and fragile making their way over to a venue for one last grasp at glory. They’re not going without a fight. Forever young indeed – expect the band to swing through Beijing late December.

Alright, time to bust out those VPNs. I had the pleasure a couple weeks ago of meeting photographer Jeff Yiu at Mao Livehouse where he shot this little gem of a video for Low Bow’s ‘Oh! Ulysses’ – capturing one hundred times better the grain and dirt that goes into a Low Bow performance. Still wrapping my mind around how he managed to capture it all – gotta be more than one camera? Right? Some real nice compositions here – damn photographers showing me up. Youtube here.

Low Bow isn’t the only Michael Cupoli project getting the Beijing Music Journal treatment – Jeff Yiu also shot this epic gopro-centric travelogue for Noise Arcade (who I as well had the pleasure of making a MV for) entitled \’Pushing Off\’ which was shot while cycling around our fine streets on a fixed gear (unintentional promotion) – love the split screens – a format I’m dying to play with. Hey, he takes the same route I take to work. Check out the youtuber here.

Alright, back to your lazy Monday. Man, I need new cameras – who wants to be my sugar daddy.

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