MV Monday: Zhaoze, Crack, Suffocated


JUE just about wiped me out this weekend, and I’m feeling the pain. Doctor’s orders – as much visual stimuli as possible. And with these head bangers, album previews, and post rock soundscapes, I’m starting to regain my mental and psychical strength. Kudos. Check out the latest from Zhaoze, Suffocated, and Crack.


Guangzhou post rock faves Zhaoze, whose exquisite use of the guqin has won them accolades from just about everywhere, preps for their next album with the release of this music video for their latest track, ‘Intoxicatingly Lost’ and it’s another win in my book. The use of guqin goes beyond gimmick – its restraint and tranquil beauty juxtaposed against its more vivid and sharp nuances is simply spellbinding. The video relies on its performers to do most of the legwork and I can’t argue – a must see band for you post rock fans out there. Buy the track here.

Album release promos – didn’t realize those were still a thing. But leave to the legions of metal fans to get word out the old fashion way. Beijing trash metal veterans, Suffocated, are hitting the road hard in the next month in conjunction with the release of their third full-length album, entitled A Perilous Journey. To tease their fanbase, they have put out this album preview featuring snippets of the forthcoming tracks. Word is, the band will sell first copies this Saturday, March 28th at Tango for the 330 Metal Festival. Check out details on that here and complete tour dates here.

Continuing down the righteous path of metal, we turn to Crack, another trasher band that has been making waves these past few years. They’ve released their newest MV, ‘Soul Contract’, which for the most part, keeps the focus on the wicked skills of the band. Lots of guitar close-ups, long haired dudes screaming, and a uber creepy dummy. It’s a bit cheesy due the lack of production value, but music-wise, I can’t complain. Old school head banger. The band will also be performing this weekend at Tango for the 330 Metal Festival.

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