MV Monday: Wang Wen, Shochu Legion, Tortoise, We Can We Up


Had a amazing time in Dalian this past weekend finally checking out some much needed new music from a slew of bands – probably the best festival I’m been to in some time. And while my brain is still a little fried from the all-too-brief getaway, it’s Monday and that can only mean one thing – more vids to gorge your eyes out on. Check out the latest from Dalian post rock gods Wang Wen, local punks Shochu Legion, a China-tribute to US-based Tortoise, and a promo for We Can We Up, the latest Worker Stadium extravaganza.

A little old, but heck with it, I’m still riding on fumes from Dalian’s Dansheng Music Festival which was in part organized by members of Wang Wen, one of China’s most beloved post rock acts out there and for damn good reason as this expertly shot MV/demo reel of Wang Wen’s newest material ‘Welcome to Utopia’ shows. Filmed in member Xie Yugang’s Echo Bookstore, it’s does convey why the band may find the seaside city more beneficial to their creative mindset. Hot stuff – best keep an eye out for Wang Wen when they roll through here come in the next month.

If you’re in any way entrenched in Beijing’s bolstering punk scene then you’ve come across Shochu Legion, the three-person hardcore punk outfit that has been kicking it since 2009. In addition to a recent EP the band put out a couple weeks back (more on that later) the band has put together a nice little MV for what of their recent singles, ‘Mask’. Punks punking out – nothing more, nothing less. And that’s just fine with me.

Chengdu-based promoters New Noise are hosting juggernaut US post rock outfit Tortoise this Saturday and it’s gonna be a dozzy according to just about every one. To be honest, I know jack shit about Tortoise but I do know how much post rock has meant to China musically as a whole and to get that poit across, a mini doc has been put together with just about every local post rock biggie giving their two cents on what the Texas-raised group meant to them. While above is only a snippet of that, it’s worth checking out the 8-minute version here.

Have XTX and Second Hand Rose opened up the floodgates for Workers Stadium over in Sanlitun? The stadium-sized venue is inviting a slew of the scenes hottest acts for We Can! We Up! a bloated evening of music next weekend, May 23rd. Biting off more than they could chew? Perhaps – especially with ticket prices starting at a hefty 380 reminbi  – but I’m rooting for a packed house The lineup includes Carsick Cars, Hao Yun, Hao Meimei (Good Sister), Escape Plan, A-Si, The Life Journey, and Li Zhi – pretty on point in terms of bands who can pack out Mao or Yugong any given evening.

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