MV Monday: Wang Wen, Hell City, Juju


Hope you’ve got time of your hands – cause these promos, music videos, and epic sound video project installations might take up the rest of your day. So let’s dim the lights, draw the curtains, and soak in these vids from post rock legends Wang Wen, spiked haired punks Hell City, and fresh indie rock outfit Juju.



Dalian post rock behemoths Wang Wen are having a hell of a year – after their European tour the band went to Beijing where they worked with Cheng Ran, one of China\’s most prominent cinematographers, on a visual sound experiment. Cheng Ran was in the midst of production on a nine-hour film consisting of three adventurous stories based on real events and people. While half of the film was shot China’s East Sea, Tibet, Switzerland and Amsterdam – the second half was shot in an indoor studio here with a ship and board scenery built indoors. While Wang Wen has been busying scoring the film, for the last scene they shot the film and scored simultaneously, and luckily enough it was all caught on video. Epic stuff.

Long standing Beijing punk rock outfit Hell City, who released their Chaos Has Never Stopped EP, earlier this year have just released a music video for the single ‘Chaos P.R.C.’ It’s your studio style MV – filled with plenty of spiked hair, head banging and enough metal-edged punk riffs to get your blood boiling. Check out our review of their EP here and be sure to catch the band on their China fall tour, which includes even a stop in Japan. Props.

In searching for fresh talent through the rabbit hole that is Douban, I stumbled upon this fresh faced indie rock outfit – JuJu (or Jux2, not really sure). And most say – based on three songs I had to go ahead and book them for the next round of Gulou Double Decker going down in September (alongside Rhonda and Boiled Hippo). To seal the deal was the short promo video for one of their song ‘Flower’, which essentially proves that they do in fact have arms and limbs, and weren’t a deformed motley crew of Elephant Men, though that would make for a pretty sweet band. Goes to show kids – a little self can go a long way.

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