MV Monday: Wang Shengnan + thruoutin, Djang San, Longjin, Sound of the Xity


Alright kiddos – time to click away from that email you needed to get out to your boss and take a much needed break. What better way to kill some time then feast your eyes on these videos courtesy of Wang Shengnan, thruoutin, Djang San, Longjin, and the Sound of the Xity.

That’s a fresh cut from one of Beijing’s dynamic power couple, Wang Shengnan and thruoutin. The indie pop songstress and the electronic producer/multi-instrumentalist joined forces for the single ‘PJ’. The two are planning a southeast asia tour which you can donate to via musikid. Sweet.

One of Beijing’s hardest working musicians, Djang San, starts the year off strong. Besides hosting the Beijing Underground Music Festival next Saturday, January 24th at DDC, he’s busy producing new music. To get a taste of Djang San’s brand of east west fusionistic madness, he put up this cute lil MV for ‘If you don’t know’, which is comprised of images and video shot by Foukographer, Elie Rosenberg, and Laurent Hou with a significant chunk dedicated to their Dong Dong performance. Basically works as a ‘demo reel’ for Djang San’s 2014. Neato.

Reggae pop outfit Longjin is slowly rising above the adolescent Mao Livehouse and they’ve got the music videos to prove it. Their latest single, ‘Li’ gets the oil painting treatment. Like how it transgresses from a more traditional Chinese stroll painting technique into a more vivid CGI-enhanced swarm of colors. Not too shabby.

As the Sound of the Xity announces its dates for this year – they’ll be squaring off with the big guns at the end of April as well as extending it a while other three days – they give us a look what they brought last year with this promo video. Looks like I’ll be needing to hit up more of these events (and conferences) in the future. Lots like it was quite the eye opening experience for more than a few people.

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