MV Monday: The Life Journey, Crack, MC David, Multi-Ego


Time to get cracking kids – if you haven\’t already picked your allegiances to either MIDI or Strawberry then you best pick a side – word on the street is Day 3 of Strawberry is already sold out. To wet your appetite a bit I\’m included some videos from bands you can catch in the upcoming festivities – here\’s the latest visual complements for The Life Journey, Crack, and Multi-Ego.

China is simply terrible at product placement – whereas US art forms have found various ways to subtly incept your brain with the latest trend, China lays in all out there with the most blatant of product placements, which makes it difficult to enjoy the latest MV for The Life Journey’s title track of their early 2014 release ‘So I Will Not Sing’. Having plastered all over makes the already disposable (yet deadly catchy) that much harder to swallow. Still, The Life Journey will always have a special place in my heart, so let’s hope they’re buying the finest blow with their cash. Catch them at Strawberry Day Three.

If you’re going to sell out, at least do it with a company you live by – like Schecter. The latest Multi-Ego video is like Schecter porn but heck, these kids look damn cool ravishing those guitars so power to them. Especially digging that gopro angle. Multi-Ego will perform a Strawberry on Day Three and at MIDI on Day

This past weekend, the Wacken Metal Battle pitted metal band against one another – and though it was Hong Kong-based Evocation who took home the grand prize, Beijing’s own thrash metal outfit Crack put up quite the fight. Their latest instrumental MV may only be shot in the bands studio space but it’s a fine showcase to the level of energy they bring to their live sets.

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