MV Monday: The Dyne, We Are Not Invited, Life Journey, Twinkle Star


I’m done being festive – seriously, 2014 can’t come quick enough. But till then I’m gonna rock out like it’s 2013 and start the countdown early with this latest batch of music videos from surf rock duo The Dyne, emo outfit Twinkle Star, French electo rock brats We Are Not Invited, and indie pop cuties Life Journey. Check it.

That’s the sexy new MV from The Dyne, who have had a wonderful year – they’re at the top of a lot of peoples’ wish lists right now and for good reason, they’re sensual, raw, and kick all kinds of ass. The video is for their song ‘Color’ and contains tons of crazy visuals without losing focus on the fact that watching these two work their magic is sex enough. Not ever gonna bother with the beams of light shooting out their faces or the box with a smoke bomb inside. Here’s to a great year Dyne!

Emo rock sensations Twinkle Star has been pretty active in getting out the goods in terms of churning out music videos and while their latest MV for ‘Another Me’ isn’t quite a slam dunk, it’s does contain some truly beautiful landscapes as the songs lyrics are laid out in front of you.

Here we have a little promo video for the indie pop sweethearts The Life Journey’s upcoming tour, who beneath all the sap and shameless britpop aspirations manage to get my feet moving. A shoddily shot one take of lead man Yann strolling through Jingshan Park with an guitar singing ‘So I Will Not Sing’, one of the singles off their just released EP (more on that tomorrow). It’s about as adorable as you would imagine.

And finally, while I’ve yet to find electro rock duo We Are Not Invited’s EP, Rubik’s Cube, in any digital form online the French brats have gone ahead and released this lovely little holiday treat which takes Kens Burns an array of photographs from the bands recent string of shows across the city on top of their song ‘Love Greetings’. It’s nice to see bands rely on other forms to go about making music videos.

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