MV Monday: SPICE, Djang San, New Pants, Wootacc


Get those eyeballs of yours ready cause have we got the view for you —- a new batch of music videos to get down and dirty with, including vids from Jilin rapper Wootacc, Hangzhou electro rock outfit SPICE, East-West revisionist Djang San, and disco rock veterans New Pants. Have a peek.

I simply can’t get enough of Hangzhou-based electronic rock mammoths SPICE – truly one of the most exciting bands out, and one that’s not afraid to push the boundaries of the medium. They continue using the visual medium to enhance their sound in their latest ‘套娃‘. Shot by experimental filmmaker Limeng Fei, it’s a fever dream of a video – surreal, ethereal, and striking in its imagery. Reminds me of a 80s Chinese soap opera filtered through David Lynch and Harmony Korine. It’s a smorgasbord of art school techniques but I’ll be damned – it works wonders. I seriously need to catch these cats before the year is up.

Man I miss New Pants – the disco-wielding, punk strutting indie rock band, one of the pioneers of underground rock reaching the mainstream, have been pretty quietly as of late. Besides doing festival gigs and other Modern Sky paid gigs, the band hasn’t offered much in terms of new material. However, their latest single and music video, 关于失眠和夜晚的世界, directed by none other than the band’s frontman Peng Lei, a skilled filmmaker in his own right, may be just enough to quench fans’ thirsts. Featuring a slew of cameos, the music video follows one girl’s sleepless night through Beijing. Even amongst all the commotion, gig going, and streets lamps, Beijing can be as lonely a place as ever, which Peng Lei captures quite nicely here.

Wootacc, a rapper from Jilin province in the cold north, and now based in humid Guangzhou has been providing listeners with sooth flows over nostalgic beats for some time now. His release last year, Maiden Voyage, received lots of love and it’s easy to see why. It’s a jazzy funk-inducing album that’s goes down nice and easy. Wootacc’s signature laid-back attitude is front and center on the album’s latest single to get the MV treatment, ‘Maybe One Day’. Sun-washed, and doused in over exposure and grain, the video does truly feel like a time capsule from an earlier time in China. A summer jam if I ever heard one. Check out the entire album over at Groove Bunny Records.

With an electric zhongruan in tow Djang San continues his exploration of musically crossing cultural boundaries in his latest works. Off of his recent Experimental Electric Pipa which give listeners exactly that, Djang San combines his electric guitar badassery with his more experimental looping personality, and it’s clear he’s having a hell of a time. Taking the second track, ‘Experiment 2’ and adding footage from a train trip (is that the Beijing-Shenzhen route?) and recent shows and gigs, Djang San creates a fun, layered video that matches perfectly with the musicians aesthetics. Djang San and company unveil their latest over at Temple this Friday, May 29th.

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