MV Monday: Sound of the Xity, AM444, Newt, School Bar


Alright gotta keep this brief as I’m jumping the border in a few hours, and just read that Brain Failure is no more, so need some visual stimuli to get through this day – why not unload some fresh cuts from trip hip duo AM444, sweet-voiced skateboard kids Newt, The Sound of the Xity’s zombiefied promo for their upcoming festival, and well as a short segment on local stronghold School Bar. Take a look below.

Not quite as titillating as last years handful of buttcheek, but this years’ Sound of the Xity promo does earn some points for its bloody ‘exchange’ between the East and the West – body parts – as one may guess, the promo train for the up[coming Sound of the Xity festival which kicks off April 3rd during the Qingming Festival is underway. Jump over to the website to grab the complete schedule and expect plenty more zombies in the near future.

Shanghai trip huo R&B duo AM444 pulled a three-night stint in Beijing last weekend and I guess somewhere in between there managed to release this purdy lil’ MV for their single off of their last album Rooms entitled ‘Xiang Shi You Guang’. Crazy effects, neon paint, and mirrors – simple, but dang does it fit in perfectly with the music.


Schools’ status is raising rapidly in my books, and it seems that the Wudaoying venue is earning high marks in just about everyone else’s books as well – LeTV is released this nifty 9 minute segment which highlights the history and aura of School. It’s a brief, nicely shot, mini-tour of the scene and I only hope we see some more of these segments on the other venues in town.

Last, we have this quick MV from skateboard emo kids Newt, who have assembled this quick little single within the spam of 24 hours – from writing the song, to recording it, to filming it – street cred there I suppose. There’s no much to the song, but special mention must be made of our leads’ voice, which goes for that Thom Yorke falsetto and I’ll be damned, gets pretty close to hitting some of those notes. Might need to dig up a little more of these cats.

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