MV Monday: S.T.D, Yang Fan, Doc Martens, Maybe Mars


Still reeling from the weekend? Can’t wait to get through the next five days so you can do it all over again? Well then, time to soak your brains with these visual nuggets including a shirt documentary on Shanghai’s blooming party scene courtesy of S.T.D; a trippy MV for singer-songwriter Yang Fan; a promo for Doc Martens latest invasion of culture; and a collection of videos showcasing Maybe Mars’ brightest stars. Let’s bring them in!


Missed this gem of a video from a couple months back – Shanghai music promoters S.T.D. (Sonically Transmitted Disease) have released a sixteen minute short doc trailing the rise of the party-pushing collective who simply just wanted to bring good music to the city and have been wildly successful since forming six years ago – the second half basically plays out like a ‘greatest hits’ compilation but boy is it a good one – from Tiga, to Trippple Nippples, Queen Sea Big Shark, Cold Cave, Nosaj Thing, Ratatat, New Pants, and Breakbot – they have certainly brought over their fair share of top tier performers. And while the content seeps a bit much into hyperbole, you can’t deny the top notch video work done here by director, cameraman, editor Paul Hwang of Bluddy Films – man’s got an eye.

I checked out sing-songwriter Yang Fan, of Ourself Beside Me/Hang on the Box fame, last night at School and was quite taken aback by her brand of offbeat, sonically-innovative electro-folk which is so far from removed from reality it takes on its own form. Definitele Haruki Murakami territory. So um yeah, good times. One of the highlights were ‘Sleepwaker’ which recently got its own black and white art house MV. Digging it. As SmartBeijing mentioned last week, expect a new release from Yang Fan under Genjing Records.

Doc Martens, the brand which became wildly popular during the grunge era, continues to dip its dirty capitalist hands in the music market, and hey, who can blame them – on Saturday August 23rd they will be throwing a Docs party at Tango with special guests Re-TROS, Subs, Poshangcun, The Lowest Flying, Hong Kongers Chochukmo, and a very special guest. And hey, it’s free… if you give in the will of Doc Martens. Yeah, no clean getaways here — either buy a pair of Doc Martens at one of their outlets or jump in their social media circus on weibo and follow the rest of the sheep. Me thinks if you purchase a pair of Docs and immediately return them, you’ll be able to hold onto your free ticket.

Those Out of Town Films kids must’ve left Beijing with a hard on for Maybe Mars cause they left a treasure vault of videos shot during their stay here including cuts from white +, Mr. Graceless, Carsick Cars, and Snapline. Simple but effective live pieces from within the factory itself XP (I’m sure it helps to have the sound lord himself Chenglong in the back). I definitely could learn a thing or two from these cats – or spend my life savings on some new gear. Choices choices. Catch Snapline this Saturday at D.O.G’s two year anniversary.

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