MV Monday: Ran Music, j-fever x Soulspeak, God Bows to Math, Carb on Carb


Time to dig into these latest video gems – from a new video series from up and coming label Ran Music, to a 8-bit blitzed out MV from j-fever and Soulspeak, to a tour video chronicling New Zealand rockers’ God Bows to Math and Carb on Carb 2013 trip through China, it’s quite the grab bag this week.

Beijing based rapper and producer, jfever and Soulspeak, who have been having quite the year, are primed and ready to unload their latest collaboration, Color Blind, off of D-Force Records this weekend, and they’ve got quite the retro fitting music video to that album’s first single – 为你出生入死九十九次 – filled with your favorite Nintendo/Sega heroes and villains. As always your mileage with this kind of thing relies heavily on your love for the video games of yesteryear, there is just too much fun on display here. And it really does compliment the music quite well. And definitely spotted Shinobi in there – win in my book. Check out the entire album and check out the duo in action this Friday, September 25th at Yugong Yishan.

Fresh, sleek, and hot damn sexy new label, Ran Music, continues to muscle their way into the scene and I’m digging their determination. Besides a few stellar releases (including two tracks from Soulspeak as well), the label has begun churning out a new videos series entitled ‘Half Live’ – which highlights the label’s featured artists and gives them the ol’ interview treatment before letting them strut their stuff in the studio. Cool stuff.

One of the pleasures of 2013’s concert going season was having the opportunity to shoot New Zealand DIY rock outfits God Bows to Math and Carb on Carb at Mao Livehouse. The bands, based out of Auckland, were kicking off their tour through China, where they hit up eleven cities in total. Good lads. Kick ass music. Well, it looks like the bands have feeling dusted off the footage from that tour and shaped it into a mini documentary, available for your viewing pleasure online (well, Youtube I suppose). Looks like it was a heck of a time. Take note international bands — doing a China tour is very much doable.

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