MV Monday: Noise Arcade, Kapital Creation, Djang San


Time to wash away the filth of last weekend with these top-notch video entries including yet another visual trip through Noise Arcade’s ambient soundscapes, a breathtaking aerial view of Beijing set to white+, and a televised mini doc on local musician Djang San.

Got a peace pipe laying around – then take a hit and spend the next eight minutes with this hypnotic visual headtrip for Noise Arcade’s ‘the first quarter’ off the tape release Peak of the Moon. Shot by Tina Sparkles over at Redscale Studios, using a handmade kaleidoscopic camera amongst other things, it’s a neon-soaked freakishly crazy rush of a video, that by the time you get to the jellyfish, you have no idea what to expect. Love it.

Kapital Creation – Beijing From Above

Alright, get your VPNs out kids, cause this awe-inspiring collection of aerial footage shot by Matthew Niederhauser & John Fitzgerald, the former made famous by his Sound Kapital book (amongst many other high profile gigs) for the upcoming documentary Kapital Creation (which is still accepting donations over yonder) might just give you vertigo. As someone who has a sick fetish for heights, this is like porn for my eyes. How the hell they shot (or were allowed to) this is beyond me, it’s stunning stuff made all the better by having a live rendition of ‘green’ by electronic duo white + playing on top of it. Something tells me this is gonna be one to look out for in the near future.

Last, we have a news piece from the English-language state-owned BON network (who I’ve been told more than once is a clusterfuck of a company) on the Sound of the Xity festival that took place this past April, and the logistics behind festival and large-scale shows in general. There is also a nice little piece of local musician Djang San, a veteran of the music scene, whose been doing great things for the scene here. Love how it focuses on his love for the Zhongruan. All in all, a nice recap of what he’s done and the challenges involved. Props.

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