MV Monday: Misandao, Little Wizard, Wu Wei, Longshendao


Tours, up coming releases, and just plain ol’ strangeness – it’s an eclectic bunch of videos for you to strap your eyes to including the latest from Long Shen Dao, Little Wizard and Wu Wei. Plus, a heart warming tribute to Misando singer Lei Jun, who passed away earlier this month. Check it out.

Time to kick off summer with the perfect summer jam. Yup, it’s China’s premier reggae outfit Longshendo, and they’ve got a music video for their first single off their upcoming album off of Modern Sky. Entitled ‘Sunset Glow\’, the video is essentially a tour video of the band’s travels aboard in the last year, which included trips to New Zealand, and the Republic of Vanuatu, an island located in the South Pacific Ocean. And as always with Long Shen Dao, it’s all about the good vibes, and this video is chock full of them. Looks absolutely gorgeous too — might be time for a trip down yonder.

Math post rock outfit Little Wizard, out of Shaoxing, a small city nearby Hangzhou reside, are hitting the road and they wanna let you know. The up and comers back who just release their self-titled debut, Little Wizard I, have released their tour promo video which previews the band’s instrumental chops – as I said in my review it’s groovy stuff – vibrant, sophisticated arrangements that invigorate yet never descends too much into the whole ‘post rock cascading’ the genre is often known for. Catch them this Friday, May 22nd at XP.

Wu Wei, the young singer-songwriter out of Changsha is breaking new ground with her experimental approach to folk and chamber music – already receiving rave reviews (among many confounding ones) for her latest Mr. Wu Wei, the artist has released a collection of music videos. And very much like her work they’re a thing of strange beauty that’s alluring and off-putting all at once, mainly due to the our lead’s stone cold glare as she strolls about a fountain playing musical clothes, or poses in a dress straight out of Blade Runner. It’s not too elaborate but again, it’s Wu Wei’s voice and theatric insubordination that’s front and center and makes the visuals that much more odd. Color me intrigued – makes me what to unravel Wu Wei’s story even further.

Finally, I\’d like to pay my respects to one of the scene\’s most prominent figures. As many of you know, on May 5th, Lei Jun, the lead singer of Misandao and a pillar of the punk community passed away due to a heart attack. He was 40 years old. Unexpected, crushing and just confounding, I had seen Lei Jun countless times at shows, and while I never personally meet him, he was a man who brought with him good company and good times. The response has been hugely positive and supportive from everyone in the punk scene here and aboard, and I figured it would only be fitting to include this memorial video put together by his closest brothers in arms. R.I.P. Lei Jun.

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