MV Monday: Lone, Ordos, Jordan Mitchell Thomas, Deep Mountains


Time to take a look at some of the latest videos to catch our eye over here at LBM, including a new single from one of Beijing’s most embedded songwriters, Bian Yuan; a skateboarder’s tour of Inner Mongolia’s infamous ghost town, Ordos; a visual journey of one of China’s loneliest islands alongside the bleak soundscapes of Deep Mountains; and a serious head scratcher from Jordan Mitchell Thomas. Get at it.

If we ever needed any more proof that singer-songwriter Bian Yuan (ex-Joyside frontman) is a vampire of the night than let this new single from Bian Yuan’s Lone settle it once and for all. The Leonard Cohen affectionate continues to impress with his fully fleshed out band as the newest single and accompanying music video, ‘Dracula’, attempts to draw sympathy for the blood lusting creature of the night. A fine example of how much Bian Yuan has grown in recent years and a reminder of what all those years in livehouses has turned him into. A goddamn neck biter that’s what – gonna have to bring my scarf to School for now on.


An oldie but a goodie – this sleekly produced skater video showcases the northern China city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia. A city built for the uber wealthy, the city is only inhabited by several thousand people though it’s intended for a whole lot more. And of course as with all ghost towns, some no good kids had to go skate all over that shit. Cool vid which wins extra points for using ChaCha and Hamacide’s 2012 mix You Me.



A couple weeks back I plugged the latest single from Taian atmospheric black metal outfit Deep Mountains. It’s good. Like, really good. Anywho, they’ve got a accompanying video for ‘Changtu Island’ now which showcases the ‘lonely’ island and it’s surrounding sea in all it’s melancholic (and upside down!) glory. Nicely shot. With lyrics! Really need to check this band out sometime soon.

Have no idea how to go about this one but I’ll try. So we have Jordan Mitchell, aka Chronmaster, aka Dirge King, aka hip hop art freak mongoose, and we have The Beijing Lion, a sculpture by French collective \’Rossignol de Guerre\’ – Aloÿse de La Ronde & Niko de La Faye – made in Beijing for the Biennial of the Lions in 2014. And wait, Jordan Mitchell is playing Jesus. And riding the lion through Giu Jie till it’s final stop (duh) at Temple and Dada. That is all. I’ll leave the rest up to you.

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