MV Monday: Hao Yun, Sulumi, Yunggiema, Summer Sunshine


After a two night stint at School I’m feeling the burn – and there’s only one way to cure those Monday blues – with a slew of videos to jack into – including a interview with Beijing outbound electronic artist Sulumi, folk pop star Hao Yun’s soundtrack single for a upcoming sex comedy, a new MV from youthful pop punk kids Summer Sunshine, and a gorgeous black and white video from world music sensation Yunggiema. Enjoy.

I’ve typed a many keys of praise on Menba minority folk singer Yunggiema in the past – simply put, she’s a mesmerizing performers. And evidently I wasn’t the only one to sing her praises as she gained nation-wide exposure after appearing on Chinese Idol last year. Since then, she’s been busy performing here and there, and expanding on her sweeping sound – the exclusive video from LeTV is for ‘Elegy’ and it’s a stunner – beautifully shot in black and white in a sparsely dressed room, it’s really does give her voice and her accompanying performers front and center attention.

Hao Yun is arguably one of the scene’s bigger success and it’s easy to see – there’s just something sincerely charming about his brand of pop folk – and while I usually this despise this type of music it works for Hao Yun – catches me off guard. Well, his star continues to rise as he contributes his songwriting talents to the upcoming soundtrack for the admittedly hilarious looking raodtrip comedy Breakup Buddies that looks like a cross between Swingers and Due Date – check out the trailer here. The song entitled ‘Dali’ is another Hao Yun ballad that he’s pretty damn good at – centering on the idea of Dali as a place of refuge away from all your troubles – hear it in its entirety here. And check out the flick next month – it even promises a sex scene with a Avatar coplay girl – right on!

Pop punk fans! Grab your mesh shorts, slip on some Vans, and bask in the skateboard pop pleasures of Summer Sunshine – think of them as the optimist version of every anti-establishment band out there. In anticipation of their upcoming EP release, the band has put out this nicely shot and edited music for their singleYouth is to be Cheated, Break Up, and Run to Waste Time’ (awesome title by the way even realizing it sounds a lot better in chinese) – which is set in a high school gymnasium. Seriously if I was an adolescent tween in a chinese middle school I’d be eating this right up. Kudos to Geek Shoot Jack on the great production.

Last the kids over at Noisey (a branch of VICE) give us some visual insight into the inter-workings of electronic artist and Shanshui label runner Sulumi, whose weapon of choice is the world of 8-bit, specifically Game Boys. A bit on the short side, but nevertheless some visually intriguing work – the world of electronic music is slowly seeping into my soul, and I’m finding myself more and more curious about how exactly this shit gets made. Fascinating stuff. Unfortunately, Sulumi has set his eyes on Japan and will be kicking it there for future. Lucky Japanese!

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