MV Monday: Hanggai, Howie Lee, Pacalolo, Charm


I think it’s safe to say Spring has arrived folks – no more long johns, no more crouching nice to my space heater – it’s all gravy from here on out. To celebrate, I’ve rounded these music videos to feast your eyes upon, including Hanggai’s latest MV, a A/V project tease from electronic artist Howie Lee, a goofy ode to KTV from Pacalolo, and visual stimuli from electronic renegade Charm. Check it.

Hanggai is primed and ready to release their latest album as part of the Sound of the Xity festival, which kicks off next next weekend. To prepare us netizens for that blast of awesomness, the band has been steadily releasing more and more material – the latest piece of promotion is a MV for their song ‘Back To You’ and it’s exactly what you’d expect for these guys – sweeping landscapes, traditional Mongolian get-ups, and lots of greenery, which I surely do miss. The band just finished a stint in Australia because Hanggai don’t mess around. Can’t wait to see this Friday, April 4th, at Mako Livehouse.

Last week at Dada, local electronic artist Howie Lee unveiled his A/V project ‘Borderless Shadows’ which comprised music and visuals shown onto a screen laid out in front of the producer – been doen before, right? Well after checking out the seventeen live version of the 5 track EP which can be downloaded here, gotta say I miss quite the head trip it seems. Hat tip to SmartBeijing for this find.

There’s nothing cheesier than the music videos that accompany a many KTV’s extensive song catalogue – I don’t know who was the driving force behind that (my theory is a bunch of coke-fiend Russians were commissioned to create them) but it never ceases to baffle me. Quirky electro rock outfit Pacalolo recently released this gem of a music video for their single ‘KTV Nation’, which appropriately captures so much of that cheese with ease. It even has subtitles so you can sing along. Now if only we can get this song into actual KTVs then we might be onto something.

Bust out those VPNs peeps. For our last MV Monday pick we head to the strange world of minimalist electronic artist Charm – a collection of clips from Josh Feola’s India trip this past Chinese New Year is reinterpreted by VJ Kun and turn into a creepy journey through exotic locales, shadowy tunnels, train tracks, and more. Expertly sewed together over ‘Deep Rest’, a electronic track full of unsettling turns and sounds – and you’ve got yourself a full on David Lynchian here. Here’s the Vimeo link.

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