MV Monday: Douban Music Awards, white +, Poshangcun, Recycle


More vids to munch on – num num num num!! Here’s some music videos, interview profiles, and pre-award show mumbo jumbo from Douban, white +, Poshangcun, and Recycle.

To help promote Douban’s upcoming awards ‘The Deer Abbey Music Awards’, they’ve shot and edited together this nifty little music video using the music department’s employee pool and a slew of recognizable locales. Besides using a crazy algorithm which came up with the nominees using douban fan likes, ratings, and what have you, they also invited several music experts from the West, like Ricky Maymi of Brain Jonestown Massacre, Jamieson Cox of Pitchfork and TIME, and music producer Phil Nicolo, who will provide their top picks (word is they were each sent 300 mainland albums…geez). You can check out the nominees here (in Chinese of course) and find out who the winners are later this week – a good way to unearth some missed albums of 2014. Deer antlers are so in.

More and more bands are getting their first taste of the mainstream through film. The latest band to get their song featured in a motion picture is pop punk rock outfit Recycle, a name that is you may notice featured on bills at Mao Livehouse, like every week. Their song ‘If The Injury Were An Accident’ will be featured as the end theme song for the male buddy comedy ‘I Want You To Blossom’, which was released this past weekend. Coming of age shenanigans I can only assume. Until the general concept of the video is run into the ground (how many freakin pans can one take!?) the MV nicely mines the nostalgia of being young. Chances the producers bothered to get the rights to use footage from the original Superman – slim.

Last fall, electronica livewire act white + had the privilege to do an European tour. And while there have been various videos popping up online of their trips and subsequent shows, I wanted to highlight this interview from the Mentha Project in France, shot before their show at Boule Noire in Paris. Pretty light on material, but it’s cool to see some of my favorites acts get some international love.

And for you cheesballs out there, looking for nothing more than a cheap Beatles knock-off sap-fest, look no further than Poshangcun’s music video for their latest single off their December 2014 release ‘孙老师与失恋故事 . For my money, Escape Plan does the whole heart-warming ‘for the ladies’ pop rock a lot better. All I know is these dudes are probably neck deep in poo tang. MVP goes to the cat.

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