MV Monday: AM444, noise arcade x GUIGUISUISUI, Chai Mi


Well that weekend (quite literally) disintegrated before my very eyes – suppose only one way to go from here – and that’s forward. And what better way to kickstart your week than with some freshly cut music videos to ogle at including trip-hop artist’s AM444 latest collaboration with French maverick Matthieu Chedid, a lo-fi rendering of the mayhem Guiguisuisui and Noise Arcade recently cooked up, and a tease from animator Chai Mi.


That’s the video for noise arcade x GUIGUISUISUI’s first single ‘Powerful Mediocrity’ – the video was produced by Charles Keen of the Piss Wizards collective in London, England and follows very much the DIY aesthetics the pair of musicians have set down in the past. It’s spastic journey of destruction and chaos of every type, twisted and skewed through a variety of lo-fi techniques which I’m dying to understand how to replicate. Seriously, this gets pretty bonkers after a while. The video will be part of a long wave project under the banne Underhand Noise in collaboration with visual artist Jeff Yiu. Respect.

In March, Shanghai hip-trip artist AM444 set off on a border-jumping collaboration with French electro rock megastar –M- for a series of shows here and abroard as well as some singles releases. Looks like the two got along just fine, as they release their latest work together – a hypnotic, visually stunning MV for their song \”Détache-toi\” shot by

director Mathieu Demy. Originally called ‘Shen Jing Mo Shao’, it was then adapted by Matthieu Chedid into a duet and later remixed by Brad Thomas Ackley. It’s a slick piece of work that turns Beijing’s back streets (and shoddy amusement parks) into a sensual land caught between dusk and dawn.

Last, we got a visual tease from Chai Mi’s latest hand-drawn animated short film featuring some truly out-there stuff. Entitled Birds Dream, the paper-cut animated short is an extension of Chai Mi’s work from last year, where she collaborated with local electronic artist thruoutin. He returns to provide the soundtrack alongside artists lazy and it looks like it’ll be more visual catnip for my eyes. The short will premiere this week at the 18th Seoul International Animation Festival who kudos to everyone involved.

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