MV Monday: AM444, Djang San, JUE Festival, Hong Qile


Cutting it close with this whole ‘Monday’ thing – but hey, we all need an excuse to not go out tonight, right. So tell your work mates or that hot date they’re gonna have to hold off cause you need to sit back, relax, and hang back with these video delights, including new media from AM444, Djang San, Hong Qile, and a JUE Festival recap.

The unstoppable trip hop duo AM444, comprised of Guizhou-born Shanghai-based singer ChaCha and Dutch producer Jay Soul, are returning with a humid, lustrous EP next week (read my review) and they have quite the tease with their latest MV for their lead single ‘Dark Room’. Directed by Eric Ransdell (who worked on the group’s ‘Eye Wonder’ single) has ChaCha playing a variety of characters, including a dominatrix, amongst erotic settings straight out of ahem fantasy. It’s a sultry video that puts the bewildering beauty of ChaCha front and center, which I can’t really complain about. Dark Room will be released on iTunes and other digital platforms on Monday April 20.

Djang San is a man who just doesn’t give up – release after release, show after show, the French-born, Beijing-reborn artist is one of the hardest working musicians out there. His latest stamp on the world is ‘Little Girl-Little Boy’, a fresh new cut (and look) at the band’s latest single from their upcoming album ‘Bridges’, who I’m quite stoked about. As per usual, the video is a shoddily made, strangely captivating smorgasbord of video clips, band footage, and text coming at ya with the less amount of semblance. Vintage Djang San – never change! Catch the band this Saturday, April 18th on Temple.

The latest from the Fujian-born, Beijing-based electronic musician and visual artist Hong Qile, finds him digging deeper into datawave experimental electronic niche which he started up with his label, BrainWave Communication. Entitled ‘Pixels Echo’, it showcases the artist’s (and accompanying technology) capability to create soundwave-generated visuals. Not sure what I’m watching here, but it’s pretty friggin gnarly – like watching a machine try to reach out and express itself. Laptops these days, right? Hong Qile will be performing at XP, this Friday, April 17th. Should be interesting to say the least.

Missing JUE Festival already – it’s OK. We all are. CRI English was kind enough to compile a little recap video of the festival, which features plenty of footage from the two-week music and art blowout as well as interviews with the various organizers and participants. I’m expecting the chaps over at Split Works to throw together a more compact recap of the festival, but till them this will do. Always nice to see events like these with a clear (i.e. sober) eye.

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