MV Monday: 16 mins, Nine Treasures, Guiguisuisui, Fifi Rong


Alright – time to set loose these videos! We have a slew of videos to inspire, arouse, and intrigue you including a teaser from 16 mins, a skateboard freakout courtesy of King Necro, a badass live video for Nine Treasures, and a sneak peek at one of Dong Dong Festival’s highlights, Fifi Rong. Take a look.

Yup, that Guiguisuisui just keeps them em coming. The latest batch of weirdness coming out of AWEH and Nasty Wizard Recordings is the short film ‘Abattoir of the Soul’ – which features King Necro himself skateboarding about town, wrecking havoc upon every ledge, rails, or sidewalk possible. As the dark lord notes, it’s a family affair, one that features all alter egos of Guiguisuisui participating including the newly surfaced Lord Kamemameha. Yup, just try imagining that therapy hour. Download the tune for free here.

Pagan metal horde Nine Treasures continue tearing down walls as evident in their newest MV, a live slice-up of their live rendition of ‘Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor’ shoot at this years’ MIDI festival. Yeah, remember that friggin wind! The concert footage is intermixed of course, with Mongolian grasslands and natives getting their ‘epic’ on, particularity a little boy who’s having a hell of a day. Beautifully shot.

16 mins have been busy in Europe for some time now — and now we have a clear reason why. Besides from touring, the three-piece (looks like they added another member) is recording their new album in Germany. The silent film above is a teaser of sorts. Can’t wait to hear the finished album.

Last, let’s have a look at what to expect this weekend from Dong Dong Festival (more on that later this week). One of the highlights is Beijing native London based trip hop artist Fifi Rong and boy does it look like a treat. She’s got plenty of videos online but here’s the latest.

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