Mixtape No. 330

Vladimirs 弗拉基米尔 – New Building That Collapsed 倒塌的新建筑 (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

17 – 逃犯 (Wuhan/Self-Released)

White Papers 白皮书 – 废墟之上 (Beijing/秀动发行)

The Columbian Cola Ltd 哥伦比亚可乐 – 驴男孩 (Zhengzhou/Self-Released)

KyoYoko – rustLESSshovel (Beijing/Self-Releaased) 

The Sailor’s Grape 水手葡萄  – 曲率飞行 (Beijiong/Ruby Eyes Records)

Lifesaver – Old Too Early 提前苍老 (Wuhan/Self-Released)

Haitong 海瞳 – Kamen Rider 卡米莱哒 (Xi’an/Self-Released)

Yu Ren 散人 – 耗子 (Sichuan/Self-Released)

6501 – 颠倒 (Urumqi/Badhead Records)

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