Mixtape No. 324

Sense Print Shop 涂闻打印店 – 空洞 (Kunming/SJ Records)

The Fallacy 疯医 – 公开的口信 (Xinxiang/Modern Sky)

Hardcore Raver in Tears 白纸扇 – Soap Opera Actor 肥皂剧演员 (Wuhan/Ruby Eyes Records)

SWARRM 撕妄 – 鸦雀无声 (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)

The Clinic 克林尼克 – Medicine (Beijing/Self-Released)

The Pulsar 脉冲星 – 所有故事都是假象 (Chongqing/Self-Released)

theairpaper空气纸 – A man becomes someboby (Beijing/Self-Released)

Sunken Boat 沉舟 – 国王的权力 (Luoyang/Self-Released)

Lur: – 志愿 (Xi’an/Self-Released)

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