Mixtape No. 321

The Flying Game 飞行游戏 – 曹路夜生活指南 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Schoolgirl byebye – 太阳与你 (Nanjing/Ruby Eyes Records)

Jo’s Moving Day – Clouds 云朵 (Guangzhou/SJ Records)

Young Drug 回春丹 – 耳鬼出风 (Qinzhou/瓦兹妙赞)

GTB – 旗袍姑娘 (Jinan/Self-Released)

Ocean Radio – Pineapple Pie (Guangzhou/SJ Records)

Chaos Land 潮池蓝 – 浴室童子 (Hefei/青云LAB)

Autumn Rush 秋日疾走 – Stray Cat Sorrow Song 野猫忧歌 (Hangzhou/珊瑚唱片)

Sky Diving When The Rain Falls 雨天可以跳伞吗 – 云栖间 (Self-Released)

Sheep’s Bed – The Floral Skirt (Nanjing/Letter Records)

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