Mixtape No. 318

The Diders – 古给 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Contraceptive Yogurt避孕酸奶 – 新的主人 (Aba/Self-Released)

Loudspeaker – Never Mind (Shanghai/Dying Arts Productions)

Pockets of Tofu – Sonic Misfits (Kunming/Self-Released)

low bow – fáistineach foirfe (future perfect) (Chengdu/Self-Released)

Kenja Time 空加太 – Sealed Container 窗格里的乐园 (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

Naohai 闹海 – Fireworks 烟火 (Shanghai/Maybe Mars)

The SeashoreRoad 海边街 – Balala… (Xiamen/Self-Released)

Vladimirs 弗拉基米尔 – The August Is Not Finished Yet 八月还没有结束 (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

WuTiaoRen 五条人 – Canton Express (Guangzhou/Modern Sky)

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