Mixtape No. 311

Little Wizard 小巫师 – 囚岛 (Shaoxing/Space Circle)

Salty Tomorrow 明天的盐 – 夜光 (Hangzhou/Bie Music)

ROMO 如梦 – 开场曲 (Wuhan/Maybe Mars)

Sinkers – When Lights Go Out (Chengdu/Letter Records)

Disbanded Tomorrow 明天就解散 – PTSD (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

Banana Peel 香蕉皮 – 水手之歌 (Guilin/Indie Works)

Springsicoming 虎啸春 – 快点 (Beijing/Mogu Records)

Psycow 悲伤的奶牛 – Cowboy (Chengdu/Dingdingmao) 

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